Rohani Ilaj

Rohani Ilaj 2.2

Get the Spiritual Cures (Rohani Ilaj) of your choice.

Get the Spiritual Cures (Rohani Ilaj) of your choice.

Rohani Ilaj Mobile App is based on “40 Rohani Elaj”, a booklet of Sheikh e Tariqat Ameer e Ahle Sunnat Hazrat Allama Molana Abu Bilal Muhammad Ilyas Qadri Razavi. This Mobile App is designed with beautiful layout. It includes various topics & user can easily get the Spiritual Treatment (Rohani Ilaj) of his choice. These “40 Wazaif” have been derived from Asma-e-Elahi (Names of ALLAH) with free rights of recitation for everyone. This Mobile Application includes the following Wazaif:

* Wazifa for protection of faith (iman)

* Wazifa for preventing worries

* Wazifa for getting yourself saved from problems

* Wazifa for relieving pain

* Wazifa for safeguard stolen

* Wazifa for victory over enemies

* Wazifa for wealth

* And many more…..

This (Android) Mobile App is user friendly and available in following Languages:

- Urdu

- English

We will launch this App in Arabic Language in coming future.

Rohani Ilaj


Rohani Ilaj 2.2